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“Will the Royal birth prompt new parents to ensure they have a valid Will in place?”

Millions awaited the first picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leaving the Lindo Wing of St Marys’ hospital in London with their new born son, later to be named as George Alexander Louis.

The question from a legal point of view is whether this will prompt new parents into creating a Will.

Once you become parents it is important that either you update your existing Will or if you do not have a one in place, you create a Will.

Without a valid Will, there is a possibility should something happen to you, your children may be placed in care whilst a guardian is appointed by the Court. Furthermore, a Will can ensure that your children are properly provided for financially as well as appointing your own chosen guardians.

What is a guardian?

Guardians take on the role of parent to your children should anything happen to you.

By naming guardians in your Will you can be sure that a person(s) you trust have been appointed to act in the best interests of your minor children if you were no longer able to.

How can we help?

Appointing a guardian in your Will is quite straightforward easy, our experience and knowledge allows us to draft a professional Will quickly and once you have approved the draft, we simply print of a final formal copy ready for you to sign correctly so that you have a valid and legal Will.

What next?

Contact us on 01202 802807 to arrange a free no obligation initial consultation at our Bournemouth or Christchurch office to discuss with a Will specialist any questions you may have.

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