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Why making a Will ensures that you benefit the people you want

This is the first of a series of articles, explaining in simple terms, the main reasons for making a will.

This first article deals with the key foundation point of making a will which is:

If you do not make a will, you cannot guarantee that your estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.

If you die without making a will the laws of intestacy will take effect and it is quite possible that the terms thereof could lead to your estate being distributed to a person or persons you did not wish to benefit.

I set up just a few examples of where this could occur, if a person does not make or update their existing will:

  1. A person who has separated from their spouse on bad terms but has not formally divorced.

  2. A person who has been brought up by one parent without any connection to their other parent.

  3. A person who does not get on with their closest relatives

All of the examples above are typical of the situations that I have dealt with for clients on virtually a daily basis as a solicitor specialising in wills and related work in the Bournemouth area for over 20 years.

In each of the examples above, it is usual for a fairly simple will to be prepared that puts my clients’ mind at rest in the following ways:

In the first example, a will can be prepared that directs the separated person’s estate to their children or other chosen relatives but cuts out their estranged spouse, who would otherwise substantially benefit under the laws of intestacy.

In the second example, the child can prepare a will that gifts their estate to the single parent who has brought them up and entirely bypass their absent parent.

In the third example, the person may decide to leave their estate to a favourite charity or charities and ensure that nothing is left to close relatives with whom they do not get on, who would otherwise benefit under the laws of intestacy.

Each case must of course be judged on its own merits and that is why all will clients at Solomons Solicitors are offered a free initial consultation with an experienced solicitor and a fully personal service to ensure that your wishes are met and carried out in a highly professional manner.

For further information, please see our wills section or contact us directly for a free initial consultation.

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