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“What happens to your partner if you have no Will?”

This is the second in a series of articles explaining in simple terms the main reasons for making a Will.

In this article, we consider what happens to unmarried or non civil partners of a person who has died, if that partner does not leave a Will.

A partner of this type is frequently called a “common law” partner. The law is not helpful to people in this position as under the laws of intestacy, a common law partner is not entitled to any share of the deceased partner’s estate.

Even if a “common law” partner has been with their partner for 20 or more years without marrying, their only recourse to the law where the deceased partner dies intestate is to make an claim under what is known as the Inheritance Provisions Act (IHPA) 1975 for reasonable provision out of the estate, which is likely to be a long and expensive process.

Alternatively, the making of a simple Will under which proper provision for the surviving partner is made, can mean that the surviving partner is properly looked after in the event of the death of their partner and provide the peace of mind that is essential in any long term relationship.

At Solomons Solicitors, we have extensive experience of making Wills for people in all types of relationships.

Please contact us on 01202 802807 to arrange a free initial meeting at our main Bournemouth office or Christchurch consultancy room, with the promise of a fixed price Will, to suit your needs.

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