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What are mirror wills?

A mirror will is simply a will which is created for when a couple wishes to make near enough identical wills leaving their estate to each other respectively and thereafter their children or to other named beneficiaries.

However, mirror wills are in essence two separate documents which need to be signed in the usual way by two people over the age of 18 who are not beneficiaries.

When writing this type of will it is wise to ensure that there is an additional named executor, in case both parties die at the same time.

A mirror will is relatively simple to prepare and can be drafted in a matter of hours. The best way to proceed, if you are interested in creating a mirror will, is to download our will preparation form, then call or email our friendly team to book an initial free meeting to discuss any questions you may have.

Once we have all your wishes written down the wills are drafted and sent to you to check they are as you would like. Then you simply let us know of any amendments you wish to make and make a short appointment to come in and sign your will.

Please feel free to call our friendly team on 01202 802 807 for a free initial meeting to discuss any questions you may have about this article or any aspect of our Wills, Probate and Trust services.

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