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How to find a good solicitor?

This is a surprisingly common question and the answer is highly subjective. It depends on what you want from your solicitor as to whether you would consider them a good solicitor.

For the majority of people a good solicitor is one who can deal with any property transactions, family matters and a little help in estate planning, wills and trusts advice in a personable and efficient manner.

So, how do you go about finding them?

The internet is a good starting place and usually typing “solicitors” followed by your location will display an array of local firms.  However word of mouth recommendation is second to none.  Alternatively asking a few friends and family members may also aid your search. If you need a specific service then it is a good idea to type, for example, “Conveyancing solicitors Bournemouth”.

However, it soon becomes apparent that all the websites claim to be friendly, professional and cost effective. You may, therefore, need to call a few of the firms to see which ones you get the best vibes from.

Many firms offer an initial free meeting, which is an excellent way of meeting the solicitor who will be handling your queries and also gives you the ideal forum to ask questions relating to services offered and also to find out the fees.

Ultimately the key to finding a good solicitor is to research a few firms, give them a call and arrange an initial meeting. There is no obligation to use the first solicitor you speak to. You need to simply follow your instinct.

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