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Have you changed your name since buying your home?

Many people forget that your Land Registry Property Deed is not automatically updated when you change your name.  However, this is most certainly something that the Land Registry needs to be informed of, as without notification issues can arise in relation to identification when the time comes to sell your home.

To notify the Land Registry you can simply download the Land Registry’s AP1 form  and then simply fill the form out and send it back.  There is NO charge for this.  You must provide evidence of the change of your name such as an original or an official copy of a marriage certificate or CP certificate, or the original or certified copy of a deed poll.  Alternatively you can use a statutory declaration or an original statement of truth.  If you wish the original statutory declaration or statement of truth to be returned you will need to send a certified copy.

The Land Registry will always return any original marriage or civil partnership certificate and deed polls.

If you change your name by and of the methods set out below you must also send in separate evidence of your identity:

  1. deed poll, or

  2. statement of truth, or

  3. statutory declaration

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