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“Gain a little Will power for your New Year Resolutions”

January is a time of reflection and resolution, with many people contemplating making a positive change in their life.

Whether it is assessing your finances or evaluating your mortgage rates now is the perfect time to ensure you have a valid and up to date Will in place.

Recent studies demonstrate that up to 61% of adults living in the UK are yet to make a Will.  Many people view the making of Will a cumbersome task, which it may be if you attempt it alone without the assistance of a qualified practitioner.

In fact surprisingly Will writers do not have to be qualified nor are they regulated, therefore people are open to being victim of a scam.

Lorely Burt, Liberal Democrat spokesperson says “Will writing has become a happy hunting ground for incompetent and dishonest operators”.

The CAB have reported one case where an elderly couple ended with a bill of over thousand pounds for Will writing services, when they were initially quoted just twenty pounds.

Having a solicitor who specialises in Will writing ensures your estate is distributed according to your wishes, potentially saving your whole estate going to the government.

Having a valid and up to date Will ensures that relatives you wish to benefit do so, and if you do not want to benefit relatives you can direct that your estate is left to friends or charities.

The fundamental point is that you are in control and your estate will not be left to the vagaries of intestacy laws.  This is particularly significant if you are single, or married with no children.

If you would like to  take advantage of Solomons Solicitors specialist fixed price Will service or have a question on any aspect of Wills, Trusts or Estates, please call 01202 802 807.

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