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Free Will Registration

In a recent survey nearly 70% of people did not know where their parents’ Wills are held!

Solomons Solicitors offer a free Will registration service to all Clients via Certainty – the National Will Register (usual fee – £25.00 plus vat), allowing your family the peace of mind that they shall easily be able locate your will when you pass on.

If your Will is not registered there is the risk of your estate falling into intestacy, which can cause emotional and financial turmoil for loved ones.

Although we keep a database of all the Wills which we hold, changing circumstances, moving to another area or simply the passage of time can sometimes make it difficult for beneficiaries to locate a Will.

By having your Will registered ensures that solicitors across the country can log the existence of Wills in a central place.  This ensures that your Will is easily traceable by your beneficiaries and not overlooked.

Why Register?

  1.  Your details are confidential and are only available to your beneficiaries when you pass on.

  2.  The register makes your beneficiaries aware that your will exists so they do not lose out.

  3.  The register ensures that your last wishes are respected and that your estate can be administered accordingly.

  4.  The register records our office as the holder of your will (the register doesn’t actually hold a copy of your will nor do they ever see your will).

  5.  Having your will registered and regularly reviewing it are amongst the most important things you can do for your loved ones.

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