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Did You Know That Divorce Week Starts on the Jan 13th 2014?

Unfortunately, the second true week back at work after Christmas and New Year is also the week when many people decide to get divorced.

“This time of year is when people make decision about their future. It seems that being with your partner over the holiday period for a prolonged length of time combined with the New Year and looking for a new start, means that many decisions to divorce are taken,” says Jacqui Forest, Solomons Solicitors.

“A fresh start to the year and to a future life is always attractive. But at Solomons we advise that before you take any decision you must see how the legal landscape lies, especially if there are children involved.”

“We’re certainly not celebrating a busy January because people ask us for divorce advice. But we are pleased when our advice helps someone start a new life once they have decided that divorce or separation is the path they want to take.”

If you are thinking about divorce at this time of the New Year , Solomons are offering a discounted fixed fee consultation until the end of January. We also have a free guide available here.

You can call us on 01202 802807 / email office@solomonslaw.co.uk or fill in an enquiry form and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

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