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Dangers of “Do It Yourself” Wills

Creating a will is crucial to ensuring your family and loved ones benefit from your estate after your passing.  Despite this a staggering 70% of over 55’s are yet to write a will.

In recent times, the arena for will writing has greatly increased, and with it so have the “cow boy” will writers.  You may also be familiar with `do it yourself wills`. Although at first glance this may seem like the perfect idea – beware!

Since this increase in “do it yourself wills” and “non lawyer” will writers, there has also been a noticeable increase in claims for maladministration of estate.  Therefore it is imperative that, if you do decide to go ahead with this type of service, you read all the terms and conditions.

By researching and visiting a specialist wills and estate planning solicitor, you are not only in safe hands by ensuring the person handling your affairs has adequate professional indemnity insurance but also you are also benefiting from their experience and knowledge in this important area.

Solomons Solicitors are expert will writers with over 20 years experience behind us. We are also proud members of regulatory bodies including STEP (The Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners), ACTAPS (The Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists) and The Private Client section of the Law Society.

For a free half hour meeting with a specialist to discuss your will, please contact us on 01202 802 807.

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