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Buying Abroad? – Don’t Forget Your Will!

The combination of miserable weather at home, a weak Euro and steep falls in property prices over the last few years may make the prospect of acquiring a foreign home in Europe an attractive proposition.

As well as obtaining specialist advice on the legal and other issues involved, it is important to remember that owning a property abroad makes having a valid will all the more important.

Where a valid UK will exists, the estate will normally be distributed according to British law. This is normally regarded as desirable for British people as several foreign jurisdictions (such as Spain and France) have ‘forced inheritance’ regimes.

On intestacy, a non-domiciled person’s estate may fall to be distributed according to the local laws of intestacy, which differ significantly in many cases from the British rules and can lead to highly undesirable results, especially in cases where second marriages have occurred.

If you are considering buying a place in the sun, contact Solomons Solicitors for a free initial consultation to ensure that your estate is protected and will be dealt with as you wish after your death.

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