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Advice on Wills and Second Marriages

One of the most difficult meetings faced by a solicitor specialising in wills and associated work is with the family of a deceased parent whose step-father or step-mother survived their parent and then made a new will which cuts the children out of any share of the estate. Often this situation arises even when the parent and step-parent had initially made wills when they were both alive making provision for their respective children/families as and when both parents had died.

Whilst the surviving parent, of course, has testamentary freedom to make a will as they choose, it is equally true that most parents wish to leave some form of legacy to their own children or wider family.

There are relatively simple means of overcoming this issue by a proper use of trusts within wills made by a married couple of which at least one party has married for a second time. Furthermore, a well drawn will cannot only protect the interests of the children but also make sure that the surviving spouse is also properly provided for.

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