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A Brief Guide To Transferring Ownership Of A Property

A change in the legal ownership of land must be evidenced in writing and should be accompanied by the completion of a Property Transfer Deed, which must be filed with the Land Registry.

Where there is a mortgage on the property, the Land Registry will usually request that the lender provides a letter confirming that it is happy with the terms of transfer and proposed changes to ownership.

If somebody is being removed as co-owner of the property they will need to provide written confirmation that they consent to being removed. In some cases, the mortgage provider may not be willing to relieve one of the parties from their obligations under the mortgage. In such circumstances, the solution may be for the party retaining ownership of the property to reapply for a mortgage on their own or with a new co-owner.

It is highly advisable, when transferring ownership of a property, to instruct a specialist property lawyer to carry out the process for you.

At Solomons Solicitors we have a highly experienced Conveyancing Team that can guide you through the process from start to finish in a seamless and conscientious manner.

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