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5 things you need to know before buying your new home

So you’ve found your perfect home, in the perfect area at the perfect price, but are you fully aware of what you need to know before making what may very well be the biggest purchase you will ever make?

Read our 5 failsafe tips to making sure you’re prepared for this exciting time.

  1. Stay realistic – often when people are looking at properties they can get caught in the moment. Don’t forget the core requirements you will need. For example that chocolate box cottage may look quaint and idealic, but are you prepared to maintain the thatched roof.

  2. Heighten your credit score – this doesn’t mean that you should max out your credit card, but it’s always a good idea to start putting items on your card. By ensuring that you pay the card balance each month you can raise your credit score which can in turn lower your monthly mortgage payments.

  3. Make sure you can afford the property. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Those single glazed windows may seem fine when your house hunting in spring but come winter you could be faced with a drafty cold house and a higher heating bill on top

  4. Create a safety net. Whilst creating a small nest egg in case of emergencies might seem a crazy idea when you have deposit money and moving costs to fork out, even a small savings account could be a life saver for those “small but essential repairs” that crop up at home.

  5. Get mortgage approval early. Booking viewings before having at least a mortgage agreed in principle is always likely to end in disappointment. Having a mortgage agreed in principle allows you to strike quickly, keeping other pesky buyers at bay.

Bonus tip: Stay calm, don’t get too het up if you get gazumped on your “perfect” home it happens to most buyers at some point and often this only leads you on to finding something even more special.

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Iain is a partner of the firm and has over fourteen years experience working in residential Conveyancing and Property, be that a sale, purchase, remortgage, equity release or transfer of equity.

Iain’s local knowledge is unrivaled having been a local lad all his life. Iain is also a keen golfer and can be found practicing his handicap at various clubs across the UK.

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