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10 reasons why you should make a will

1) Having a valid and up to date Will ensures your loved ones know what your wishes are and how you wish your estate to be administered after you pass.  Without a valid Will in place, the vague and sometimes unfair intestacy rules will be automatically used, meaning your estate may not be distributed to those who you wish.

2) A Will lets you choose your own executors. Executors are the people of your choice who administer your estate and distribute your assets in accordance with your Will.

3) A Will allows you choose who you would like to be the guardians of your children if they are under 18 years of age.  You can also make provision for their financial benefits too.

4) Having a will allows you to make specific bequests to individuals. For example you may wish to leave a certain piece of jewellery to a grandchild.

5) If you have re-married, a will can ensure that your children from your first marriage still benefit from your estate whilst still looking after your new spouse.

No Will?

6) If you don’t make a will and are not married, your partner may not receive anything from your estate. Instead your estate would go to your next of kin.

7) Without a will, intestacy rules are automatically used which have specific limits. Your spouse or partner may not receive the amount you had wanted.

8) Perhaps, you are single and have no children – Without a will your estate will automatically go to your next of kin instead of a charity or other causes or friends of your choice.

9) Without a will your children may end up arguing over what your actual intensions were. Save them this unnecessary confusion at this already difficult time and make your will as clear as you can.

Don’t Pay More Tax thank you need to!!

10) Without a carefully prepared Will, you may more Inheritance tax than would otherwise have been payable.

How can we help you?

  1. Free Initial Consultation

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  4. Free Will Registration with Certainty the National Will Register (normal fee £25)

  5. Home Visits (if required)

  6. Free Will Preparation Form to help prepare your Will please bring this along to your appointment.

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