Financial Matters

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At Solomons Solicitors, we will advise and guide you based on your individual circumstances and provide you with a realistic outline of the legal proceedings and what to expect from them.

You may have already reached an agreement as to the finances in your separation or divorce and simply require a solicitor’s advice to make the agreement legally binding.

However, you may find that you are in a dispute over the finances and that you require assistance in negotiating the best outcome for you.

We will provide expert, clear and concise advice on the options available to you, including negotiation, mediation and court proceedings.

If your case goes to Court, we will continue to work hard to protect your interests and keep you informed throughout so that you understand the process and reach the best outcome for you.

What’s Next?

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No Obligation Consultation

Jacqui Forrest – Family and Litigation Solicitor


Jacqui is a highly experienced Solicitor who offers clear, practical and professional advice. Her extensive knowledge in family matters gives Jacqui the ability to offer tailored advice to suit each clients circumstances.

Contact Jacqui on 01202 802 807 to book a no obligation consultation at our Bournemouth office.