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Inheritance tax is the tax which is paid out of your estate upon time of death, if the estate exceeds a certain value.  The current threshold is £325,000 which includes  your savings, property and possessions as well as any pension funds you may have.  The first £325,000 of your estate will be tax-free and thereafter is subject to 40% tax rate.

Inheritance Tax is not an avoidable tax, but with careful expert planning and utilisation of Wills and trusts, it is possible to in most cases significantly reduce tax, often without this careful planning the estate will be liable for a larger amount of tax.

Our underlying aim is to protect you and your families future and our specialist advice is based on over 50 years combined experience on all matters relating to Willstrusts and estate planning.

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Contact Paul on 01202 802 807 to book a no obligation consultation at our Bournemouth or Christchurch office.