The importance of a list of chattels for your will

One of the most difficult things to arrange when a will is made is how to arrange the gift of your chattels, especially, jewellery, antiques, family heirlooms, family photos.

Ordinarily, these chattels can be fairly divided amongst the residuary beneficiaries but often “niggling” issues arise when one child states that “Mum said I should have this or that”.

Of course, when a will is made, it is often difficult to know what chattels will still be around on your death as lifetime gifts are made or they are disposed of, perhaps as part of a move.

This is why at Solomons Solicitors, we often advise clients to refer to a list of chattels in their will which can be updated over time and clearly sets out a testator’s wishes for the executors to carry out when the time comes.

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