Do I need a Trust in my Will?

There are many reasons why you may want to consider including a Trust in your Will. These include: 

1. "Keeping it in the family"

Many people wish to ensure that their children and then granchildren inherit their wealth. However, without a trust, it may surprise you that other people could inherit part or all of your estate. For example, this could include your spouse's new husband or wife if they remarry, your ex son or daughter-in-law, your child's future spouse.

To find out more about using a Family Trust to protect the interests of your children and grandchildren, click here: 

2. Retaining control beyond death 

Making a flexible will trust can give your Trustees the flexibility to consider the circumstances affecting your family at a point in the future which you cannot foresee, and ensure that your wishes are carried out at that time. For more information, click here: 


2. Avoiding unnecessary multi-generational inheritance tax 

Where your children are likely to have their own inheritance tax liability, it may be possible to use a trust to avoid unecessary inheritance tax payments. Click here to find out more: LINK